When I think about my professional life, and the aspirations I have about the future, I can’t help but remember that all great fortunes – all financial abundance – first begins in the mind, and then in the heart.

Regardless of your chosen career or profession, what image and beliefs you hold for yourself about having (or not having; not having enough) money in your life effects everything.  It can influence what you set about to do professionally; what you pursue and what you avoid.  It can either support your professional growth – or stymie it.

It’s a near-invisible hand, that governs your ultimate degree and level of success in life.

Present-Day:  Focusing on generating value and attracting financial abundance into my life.

In preparation, I went looking through some of my old journals dealing with abundance and these declarations leaped off the page at me. Since a lot of us here in the MYS community are focused on resolving lack and attracting abundance, I’m sharing my notes.

A Gentle Suggestion:

DO NOT READ THESE DECLARATIONS YET. Instead, print out 2 copies of this blog post. Then:

  1. Find a quite place where for the next 10 minutes you won’t be disturbed (no emails, cell phones, people, whatever)
  2. With a pen in hand, take one of the copies and slowly read each declaration.
  3. After reading a declaration, make a note if your immediate reaction was (“agree,” “bull,” “no way,” “not me” or “can’t happen”) also pay particular attention to whether or not you have a strong reaction positively or negatively (“this is me” “I deserve this” “I don’t deserve this” etc.).
  4. It’s okay if you get emotional – JUST KEEP GOING!

When you’ve gone through the list, take a minute and settle yourself, then calmly go back through the list. On the 2nd copy, place a check mark next to any declaration you’ve indicated that you are aligned with. Draw a small square next to those declarations that you had an adverse or negative reaction to and finally place and “X” next to the declarations that you felt you aren’t deserving off.

You’ve just completed a rough road map, which indicates the degree that you are aligned to financial abundance.

This is basic, and of course you can create additional declarations, but this is a good way to test.  Just close the gap…




Affirming Declarations to Attract & Benefit from the Presence of Money…

(Tap or meditate away. Rinse. Repeat…. :o)

“My inner world creates my outer world.”

“What I heard about money isn’t necessarily true. I choose to adopt new ways of thinking that support my happiness and success.”

“What I modeled around money was their way. I choose my way.”

“I release my non-supportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.”

“I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.”

“I create the exact level of my financial success!” “I have a millionaire mind!”

“My goal is to become a millionaire and more!”

“I commit to being rich in all areas of my life.”

“I think big! I choose to help hundreds, thousands of people!”

“I promote my value to others with passion and enthusiasm.”

“I am an excellent receiver. I am open and willing to receive massive amounts of money into my life.”

“I choose to get paid based on my results.”

“I always think ‘both’.”

“I focus on building my net worth!”

“I am an excellent money manager.”

“My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money.”

“I am committed to constantly learning and growing.”

Here’s a video by Jim Rohn.  In it, he delivers one of the clearest, most powerful explanation on the psychology of having (or not having) money in your life.  No theory, just example after example of life lived.  Short on time?  The first five minutes hold several gems.  It’s worth a listen.  Enjoy.