A window into the world…This is what I hope for the MeYouSocial community to become, to be seen as (one day).   As a person whose literally been on death’s door a few times (once as a child, and again just a few years ago), I’ve gained a new perspective – an awareness- at just how precious live really is.  And rather than simply walk through life, playing it safe, clocking time, I would much rather take life with both hands and shake and squeeze every last bit of joy, journey and experience out of it as I possibly can.

We created MeYouSocial to help people who are seeking “more” out of life

And having nearly died, time become precious – too precious to wait and hope to find myself in situations were I would find my passion, or an inspiration.  There’s little time for this.   Then it dawned on me:  construct a “lighthouse”:  one that can be seen and resonates with other interesting souls and oh, do it now.    MeYouSocial is the result of this.  It’s one of the windows to the World:  the best parts of the world.

What are your life’s defining moments?  What story are you creating for your life?

We are our thoughts and our memories.  Our experiences are defined by our beliefs, and combined they make up who we are.  They are our “story” of our lives.  We are all storytellers.  Some of us have more interesting stories than others, but we are all the authors of the story we’re telling about ourselves and our lives.  I want to author the best story imaginable, don’t you?  For the longest time, I was creating a life story whose chapters always seem to begin with;  “Another tough day, another disappointment. One more hope dashed and dream faded.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter.”   I lived nearly 30 years writing that story.  Can you imagine what those 30 years could have been like had I only just changed my focus, changed my beliefs – just a little.  How much more interesting could that part of my life’s story have been?

Here’s the magic:  It’s never too late to re-write the story…

Once I recovered from the shock, the realization that I was writing one crappy life story, I set about re-writing it.  How?  Well, the first order of business was to figure out what beliefs I was carrying around that just up and needed to be murdered.   I built a hit list – it was a long list.   Here are just four of the most powerful negative beliefs I carried as truth in my soul:

“A part of me died that day.  Therefore, nothing I do matters.”

“I don’t…”  (…know enough, have enough)

“I’m kidding myself…”

“I don’t really deserve this”

As soon as I let these and other negative beliefs go, everything I had thought about my life changed.  Instantly.  I started recalling things – wonderful events, moments, experiences that I had forgotten I lived.  Many of the things that I had interpreted as bad were now remembered, recalled in completely different ways.  But what hit me the most was realizing how much more “life” I had actually lived.  I realized and could now “see” many more moments, accomplishments, rich experiences that I had created or been apart that was just forgotten – it was never remembered.

It felt like a fog had lifted, and it caused me to see the wonder that is my life and that is my life still.    My “window” into the world was painted over until I went back to take another look at my life’s story.  I invite you to do the same.    Don’t put it off:  do it today.

For further reflection on this, check out the following video: