Social Media Campaigns

Save time and money with automated social media and mobile drip campaigns.
Drive more traffic to your website, increase user engagement and get new customers.


The time you spend sending out messages to your target audience can be time-consuming and repetitive. The time you spend sending out these messages could be used for other critical tasks required for your business.

Drip campaigns are an effective strategy that sends out prewritten social posts aka “drips” to prospects and customers over a specified time. If you want to turn your marketing prospects from passive to active contact, this is the way!

Automated Drip Campaign Creation

Use your preferred platform to write and publish your content. Meyousocial will detect it automatically and add it to the library to be dripped out over time.

All Social Media Platforms Covered

We leveled-up your social scheduling capability. You can now create, schedule and adjust multiple social media posts in one single app.

Social Media Drip Campaigns Enables

Meyousocial leverages AI to extract the most valuable quotes and images from your content.

Social campaigns like these are easy
to create with the help of our new campaign builder.
Plus, no IT gets in your way.


Customer Stories

Employee Advocacy

Referral Sweepstakes

Share a Deal, Get a Deal

Weekly Giveaways

Video Contests

Photo Contest

Essay Contests

Video Sharing

Photo Sharing

SignUp Landing Pages

Run contests and sweepstakes like a pro

We’ve made it easy to run your contests & sweepstakes. We’ve got everything you need, so you
can spend more time engaging with your community and less time worrying.

Automated Fraud Prevention

Our system is designed to automatically detect suspicious activity and will block any fraudulent activity.

Approve Submissions Via Mobile

Four moderation settings allow you to strike a balance between convenience and scrutiny.

Your Brand, Everywhere

Our white label email campaigns put your brand front and center, with custom-designed emails, entry forms, microsites and thank you pages.

Automated Split Testing

Test up to 5 campaigns simultaneously and our system will let you know which performed the best.

Protect Your Brand:

Streamlined moderation lets you approve user-generated content on your mobile device.


Make content marketing easy by tracking your campaigns with Google Analytics. See at a glance which types of content, users and channels are delivering killer results.


referral revenue, referred site visits and more for each campaign, submission and user. You get payments based on clicks, impressions and conversions


on which content is generating the most revenue, leads and referrals


your brand advocates by monitoring referral and engagement activity on all of their devices.

Pro Tips:

Have multiple pages containing similar products? Use our Display Groups to display user-generated content across multiple widgets automatically.


As you capture your customers’ passion with testimonials and UGC, you’re also capturing
a massive list of email addresses and customer information. These are valuable assets
that are more than worth the effort it takes to get them. To simplify your workflow,
MeYouSocial will add contacts to lists in your existing email service provider or CRM automatically.


Check out what other passionate content creators just like you have to say about working with
Meyou social to grow their social following the easy way.

Meyousocial has taken all the burden and energy out of creating social media posts to promote blog content. Literally a few clicks and a years’ worth are scheduled in advance.

Warwick B., Director of Business Development

Love using Meyousocial! Makes sharing blog posts so much easier and more efficient.

Kelley Maloney, Digital Marketing Consultant at Google

I did not expect much, but this is the real deal. They are making up better follow-up tweets than I do! Great results!

Craig Camp, Partner at Cornerstone Wine Cellars

3 important things for business owners are Time, Money & Value. This is an exciting new tool that delivers on all three.

Nancy Seeger, Consultant & Hootsuite Ambassador

Thanks to Meyousocial I frequently get new visitors to all my blog posts, not just the latest. It’s so easy to set up a new campaign in Meyousocial and then forget all about it and let the software do the rest.

Britt M., Freelance Writer

Meyousocial has been a pivotal part of our social strategy. I do not know how we would have coped so effectively without it.

Martha Hampton, Founder and CEO, SendWork

Get ready to set up a
year’s worth of shareable content!