Share Buttons That Make It Easy
For Your Influencers To Share Your Content

Little things often have a big impact.

Identify the people who can help
you achieve your goals.

Gain valuable insight into your most popular advocates and share revenue with them.

Social CRM

All share button users are added to our Social CRM and tracked for future outreach.

Revenue Tracking

Photos are the fastest way to grab the attention of your community.

Advocate Leaderboard

View sentiment and influence of your top advocates at a glance

Pro Tip:

MeYouSocial share buttons help keep visitors on your pages so they can enjoy the entire experience.

Create Perfect Share Buttons


Add a default comment


Preview how share will look in news feeds


You can use our button or yours. Our library has buttons of all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Your current share buttons send visitors to social network pages 


Type one message and share to all social networks 


Check a box to add a coupon link to a message 

Share Content, Not Just Pages

Content marketing made easy

Videos & Images

Shared videos play automatically in the news feed.

White Papers

Check out our URL so you can add a native-looking link to your white paper footers.

Multiple Items Per Page

Share every piece of content on a page


Find out what other social media marketing
enthusiasts have to say about working with MeYouSocial.

Meyousocial has taken all the burden and energy out of creating social media posts to promote blog content. Literally a few clicks and a years’ worth are scheduled in advance.

Warwick B., Director of Business Development

Love using Meyousocial! Makes sharing blog posts so much easier and more efficient.

Kelley Maloney, Digital Marketing Consultant at Google

I did not expect much, but this is the real deal. They are making up better follow-up tweets than I do! Great results!

Craig Camp, Partner at Cornerstone Wine Cellars

3 important things for business owners are Time, Money & Value. This is an exciting new tool that delivers on all three.

Nancy Seeger, Consultant & Hootsuite Ambassador

Thanks to Meyousocial I frequently get new visitors to all my blog posts, not just the latest. It’s so easy to set up a new campaign in Meyousocial and then forget all about it and let the software do the rest.

Britt M., Freelance Writer

Meyousocial has been a pivotal part of our social strategy. I do not know how we would have coped so effectively without it.

Martha Hampton, Founder and CEO, SendWork

Want to gain a competitive edge? Ready to scale your business? Look no further than our platform, where you can see all the pieces of your business in one place.